Necrodeath: Artwork and track-list of upcoming EP have been revealed, out for Black Tears on 2020, april 2nd!
It will be titled “Neraka”, an infernal journey including five tracks. Three new songs titled “Inferno”, “Petrify” and “Succubus Rises”, one live version of “Flame of Malignance” and one classic cover from Dead Kennedys, such as “California Uber Alles”. 
Released as digipack format, “NERAKA” has been recorded, mixed and mastered at MusicArt Studio in Rapallo (Genoa-Italy), headquarter of NECRODEATH. 
About artwork, the band has renewed the collaboration with Jacob Angel (which performed “Metempsychosis” video), and Monica Tomaino, who play on the cover the role behind the titles of new three tracks: the fallen angel, Medusa and one succubus. 
On the same day, april 2nd, NECRODEATH will start a tour, into clubs and summer festivals, to support the new release “Neraka”.
Oniromantic: 'B-Side' the first video clip from the album 'Chaos Frames'!
"Chaos Frames", the third work of Oniromantic was released on January 17th via Buil2Kill Records.
Now out the first official video clip of the song "B-Side", one of the most representative of the entire album, whose theme is the difficulty of self-esteem and self-acceptance.
Meanwhile, the band is also moving to fix the first live events that will be announced shortly. This is the direct link to the video:


Winternius: cover and tracklist revealed!

Artwork and tracklist revealed for upcoming debut album titled “Open the Portal” for Winternius, out on march 1st via Black Tears Label. Winternius is a Black Metal five piece from Italy, playing an old school sound, in the vein of early Ancient, Immortal, Mayhem, Bathory, and formed by ex members of Sacradis, Hastur, Necrodeath and Devastation Inc.The line up for debut album consists of Jason Ulfe (vocals), Roby Grinder (Winternius himself) and Alex Trivex (guitars), John KillerBob (bass) and Jaco Eligor (drums). “Open the Portal” contains nine tracks and the tracklist is: 1-Earthquake / 2-Birds of Destruction / 3-Dead and Evil / 4-Blood Bones Death / 5-Open the Portal / 6-Eternal Starlight / 7-Infernal Oak / 8-Knight of Death and Life / 9-Thunderfire.

Stay tuned:


Black Tears - Label News.

"I Will Die If You Dream" is the first single from upcoming album "Adaptation" (BTOD2047) for Funeral Doom Metal band Funeralia. The four piece from Badajoz area, Spain, will release debut full lenght next month, february, on CD and digital format through Black Tears label. enjoy!


Rawfoil: the cover revealed!
The new Rawfoil EP, entitled 'Tales from the four Towers', will be out on Friday 17 January 2020 via Buil2Kill Records/Audioglobe.
Pure energy, passion and strong doses of blood Thrash Metal characterize this new work, which will be released in a limited edition: in fact 100 will be the first printed copies.
Meanwhile, the cover has also been revealed, created by the eclectic Roberto Toderico, an artist who has already created the artwork for many bands, including: Arch Enemy, Dark Funeral, Sodom, Pestilence, Aborted, Vomitory and many others ..
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