SOMAN - debut album's out!!

Italian death metallers Soman will release their debut album on November, 3th via Buil2Kill Records. The band was formed in 2011 by a common passion for old school Death Metal style like Cannibal Corpse. After a few lineup changes and an EP of 3 tracks the band stabilized their sound on a Death Metal that keeps the old school features without renouncing to a sound most modern thanks to the style brought by the new comers. After a few concerts in Italy, one of them supporting Antropofagus, the band worked to record the first full-lenght WORLD ON FIRE, proposed to be a huge blast of pure Death Metal with old school contaminations and Black Metal influences, synonymous that the guys want to prove their worth and seek their stylistic. Below the album cover and here the official tracklist:
1. Genesis
2. Symphony of War
3. World on Fire
4. Doomsday
5. Fatman
6. Fallout
7. Matrioska
8. Meatgrinder
9. Skullcup
10. Demon's Coffin
11. The Last Exhalation
Here the official videoteaser:
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HELLGEIST – debut album is coming!!

Hellgeist are an italian Thrash Metal band, born at the end of 2011. In March 2012 they released the first self-produced EP “What a Hell” with 5 new songs and begin performing in many live clubs and festivals around Italy. In 2014 they started the collaboration with the Italian “super label”Nadir Music to produce, with Sadist’s mastermind Tommy Talamanca, the eponymous album “Hellgeist”, waiting to come out and to be presented all over the World. Below the album cover and here the official tracklist:


1. Last Breath

2. Again

3. Black Bells

4. Mindead

5. Your World

6. Emily

7. Blood Faith

8. Hell  


Here the official videoteaser - 



The new full lenght 




new singer and upcoming album!

Rise of Tyrants , after their recent split from singer Diego Tiraboschi, are happy to announce now the new one: he’s Davide Cantamessa (ex Taste Hematic Chains). Currently the band is planning a new season of concerts and is currently writing new songs for the album as well. The last one “Trauma” was released last February via Buil2Kill Records/Nadir Promotion! Further details will follow asap.

Infos: -



"Memories" new videoclip online

from the album "The mystic hands of fate"




Russian Tour with DARK LUNACY